How to create Facebook App using your fb developer account

How to create Facebook App using your fb developer account
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Hi guys, this is very simple tutorial for creating Facebook App. This is the first step whenever we have to do something using facebook API. App can be used for different purposes. In my upcoming articles you will see how to use Facebook App in website. Mostly, it is used for social login via Facebook. You have seen in many websites.

Steps to create facebook app

  1. To create facebook app, first go to your developer account by clicking this link :-
  2. Now, on the top right side, hover to you pic, the dropdown will appear, you can select Add New App . A new popup will appear.create facebook app
  3. Now fill the required details like display name , email and choose category. After filling values, click on CREATE APP ID.your app is ready now, you can click on dashboard , to get your APP ID and APP SECRET ID.app_dashboard
  4. By default, your app have permission to access User Email, public profile and Users friends. You can access more info about user by going to App review section which is present in left side. When you click that, below image will appear.app_review
  5. click on start submission then you will a pop-up will open, you can select the permission which you want. You can see in below image, I have selected manage_pages permission. Now this App can access users pages. In the right side, permission description is given. so you can select any type of permission you want and submit it to Facebook review. Facebook will review your app and grant those permission to your app to use publicly. So, only submit for review when you app is developed.select_manage_pages

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